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Buy Punky Vol. 2 DVD (20 episodes)

Running time: 140 mins.
Delivery: €2.25 to anywhere in the world.

Punky is a happy little girl who loves music, dancing and hugs! She loves playing with her big brother, Con and jumping around with her dog, Rufus. She enjoys helping around the house with Mum and trying to make Cranky her grandmother, just a little less cranky. As a child with Down syndrome, Punky lives in the moment. If something isn’t right, if someone has a problem, Punky will set out to fix it. To Punky, the solution is always simple.

punky dvd

Episode 1-20:

Ep01 Dad doesn't swim
Ep02 Always a rainbow
Ep03 Good clean fun
Ep04 Punkys other bed
Ep05 Crankys teeth
Ep06 New hair don't
Ep07 Finders givers
Ep08 What Tigers do
Ep09 Catch as catch can
Ep10 Magic Key
Ep11 Too many hugs
Ep12 Time to slow down
Ep13 Two teachers
Ep14 No trip for Punky
Ep15 Runaway Rufus
Ep16 Three girls on the town
Ep17 Safe as helmets
Ep18 No telly for Cranky
Ep19 Broken down
Ep20 What the eye doesn't see