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Peace and Quiet

Mum has a cold. The Chemist says what she needs is plenty of rest. It's Punky's job to make sure Cranky, Con and Rufus don't make a sound so Mum wont be disturbed.




Kitchen Bird

Punky has got a new bird feeder. But when she leaves the door open, a bird flies into the kitchen, frightening Cranky and Con. It's up to Punky to lead the bird back outside.



Hunt the Slipper

After Cranky's slipper goes missing, she blames Rufus and calls him a pest. Punky decides to find the slipper and prove that Rufus is a good dog.




Cons Band

Con's friend Michael wants to start a band. The only problem is that Con can't play the guitar. Or the drums. Or sing. It's up to Punky to show him how it's done.




Rufus stinks

During a trip to the park, Rufus gets into a stinky mess. It's up to Punky and Con to clean Rufus before he stinks up the house.