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Princess Punky

While playing dress-up, Punky and Niamh decide to put on a play for Mom, Con and Cranky. One by one, the family members get dragged into the play.




A Horse For Punky

Punky discovers that Cranky use to ride horses when she was a young girl. Horse riding sounds like fun! Cranky tells Punky if she can find a horse she'll teach her to ride, so Punky does what she can to get a horse for herself.



Doctor Punky

To avoid Mrs. Nolan boasting about a trophy she won for best cake, Cranky pretends to be ill. Along comes Doctor Punky, with her doctor's bag. She knows what's best for Cranky?




Being Told

Punky wants to dance. But first Mum tells her to brush her hair, then Cranky tells her to get a blanket and then Con tells her to help with his homework. Poor Punky wonders if she'll ever get a chance to dance.



Give a Little Whistle

Mum's friend Mairead gives Punky a present: a tin whistle. Punky loves it, but she's not exactly an expert. Punky is going to need a lot of practice before she can play properly.