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Running with Rufus

Con enters a fun run. Punky wants to run too but she's too young to enter, so she decides to have a fun run of her very own with Rufus.




Cranky Learns To Borrow

Punky and Niamh are best friends and they like to share things with each other. Cranky tells them that borrowing is a bad idea. To prove that sharing is a good idea, Punky must find something that Cranky needs to borrow.



Everything Yellow

Punky's favorite colour is yellow and, when Mum decides to decorate the kitchen, Punky gets the idea to make everything yellow.




Low Five

Con and Michael show Punky how to high five. They say it's cool. But Punky's high fives begin to cause accidents, she finds out it's not so cool and finds that it's best for her to think for herself.



A Great Day For Dancing

Punky has got her music player and is ready for a dance. But finding someone to dance with her is proving to be a bit of a problem. She really wants to dance with Con but Con won't embarrass himself in front of Michael.