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Punky is the star of our show. She's a happy little girl who loves music, dancing and hug. And she has Down syndrome. Punky loves playing with her big brother, Con, and jumping around with her dog, Rufus. She enjoys helping around the house with Mum and trying to make Cranky (her grandmother) just a little less cranky. As a child with Down syndrome, Punky lives in the moment. If something isn’t right, if someone has a problem, Punky will set out to fix it. To Punky, the solution is always simple.



Con, Punky's older brother, loves hanging out with his friends, listening to music and skateboarding. Sometimes reluctant to get involved in Punky's adventures, he usually finds that, when he finally helps out (and he always does), he has a fun time. Even if that means risking embarassment the odd time. Punky is his favourite person in all the world. After all, nobody has a little sister that loves him as much as his little sister.




Mum keeps everything running smoothly in the home, which isn't always easy with two children and a dog causing so much chaos. She's always busy. And yet, somehow, always finds time for Punky.







Cranky, Punky's grandmother, is a permanent grump. The only things that seem to give her pleasure are cups of tea and watching the horses. But Cranky has a mischievous side, one that Punky always seems to find. And the two of them usually end up having far more fun than Cranky would ever like to admit.